Love Hotel Band – Diamant

Musique encourageante pour les lundis


Artist: Jean-Francois Boudoir
Title: Musique encourageante pour les lundis

Lee Hazlewood – If it’s Monday morning
Sun Ra And His Arkestra – India
Moondog – New Amsterdam
Bille Holiday – I’ll be seeing you
The Caretaker – I Have become almost invisible to some extent like a dead man
Claude Debussy – Suite beramasque claire de lune
Brigitte Fontaine – Il se passe des choses
Jean Claude Vannier – Londres Paris
Ray Noble and His Orchestra – Midnight, the stars and you
Nye Mayhew Orchestra – This is Romance
Piero Umiliani – Pelle Di Luna
Nina Simone – Blue Prelude
Karen Dalton – Take me
Hauschka – Weeks of rain
Steve Reich – Explanations come to an end somewhere + ehmor maht vahsay harbay (say little and do much)
Philip Glass – Roshi’s very tired
Bruno Nicolai – Caligula & Ennia



Fúsi is a mammoth of a man who at 43 years of age is still living at home with his mother. Shy and awkward, he hasn’t quite learned how to socialize with others, leaving him an untouchable virgin. That is until his family pushes him to join a dance class. There he meets the equally innocent but playful Sjöfn.

Young Chinese Workers


It is 8:30 at night. A group of young workers are busying processing products at a plant in Zhuhai city, South China’s Guangdong province. They have been working for nearly 10 hours. All of them are born in the late 90s and come from rural areas outside the province. Wearing blue uniforms and having peculiar hairstyles, they make a living by repeatedly working on the assembly lines and contributing as one of the forces of the city’s construction.