Heut ist nicht aller Tage

Die Täter – Heute ist nicht alle Tage ist ein deutscher Fernsehfilm von Christian Schwochow, der versucht, die frühen Jahre der rechtsextremen, terroristischen Vereinigung Nationalsozialistischer Untergrund (NSU) nachzuzeichnen. Das von Das Erste produzierte Doku-Drama stellt den Auftakt einer Trilogie namens Mitten in Deutschland: NSU dar, die das Phänomen NSU aus unterschiedlichen Sichtweisen darstellen soll. Der Film wurde erstmals am 30. März 2016 auf dem Fernsehsender Das Erste ausgestrahlt.

Dibbuk – Eine Hochzeit in Polen


Der Dibbuk entspringt der jüdischen Mythologie, nach der er ein bösartiger Geist ist, der Besitz von seinen Opfern ergreift und sie zu irrationalem Verhalten verleitet. Als Seele eines Toten soll der Dämon den Körper seines Wirts so lange in Besitz nehmen, bis er sein nur ihm bekanntes Ziel erreicht hat, und den Besessenen erst dann wieder verlassen.

The Automatons

Princely Toys is a BBC documentary from 1976. It explores the subject of automatons; antique animated dolls manufactured for the upper classes of the 19th century. The film centers around the collection of a man named Jack Donovan, but primarily focuses on the automatons themselves. The narrator talks in an odd cryptic fashion as the aged VHS footage ushers you into the yesterworld of monkey-masked musicians, half-human harlequins and other abominations from your childhood nightmares. Many toys have their own segment and an in-depth explanation is given by the narrator. He describes the toys in detail as the film zooms in on their unforgiving mechanical eyes darting about as their stiff little limbs jerk and sway to the sounds of antique music boxes perfectly tuned to conjure demons from beyond.

Most of the footage is shot in an empty studio with a minimal amount of lighting to give the viewer the illusion that each toy was filmed in it’s own personal abyss of darkness. Putting aside the creepy overtones (did I mention that one of the dolls is a man hacking a woman’s bloody torso with a butcher knife?) it’s amazing how intricate and detailed the dolls’ movements are and it’s hard to believe that their animation comes from tiny hidden gears and other simple machines. After watching it I was surprised to find that there doesn’t seem to be hardly any information available on this documentary.

Berberian Sound Studio


This movie by Peter Strickland looks quite promising.

It’s 1976 and timid, Dorking-based sound engineer, Gilderoy, has been transplanted to Italy’s run-down Berberian Sound Studio to work on “The Equestrian Vortex”, the latest low-budget horror movie by notorious exploitation maestro Giancarlo Santini. Gilderoy’s task is a seemingly simple one: to create, record and mix the sounds of bloodcurdling screams, limbs being severed and the insertion of red hot pokers into human orifices, mostly using a variety of everyday household items such as old vegetables and a hammer.

It’s soundtrack by ‘Broadcast‘ sounds even more than promising and will be release on Warp pretty soon.


Alucarda is a 1978 Mexican horror film directed by Mexican horror filmmaker Juan López Moctezuma, starring Tina Romero in the title role. Often thought to be based on the 1872 novella Carmilla, it revolves around two teenage orphan girls living in a Catholic convent, who unleash a demonic force and become possessed by Satan.

sleep paralysis

Schon lange nicht mehr gehabt, daher völlig vergessen doch nun wieder dran erinnert worden. Die Schlaf Paralyse.

The Authority on sleep paralysis David J Hufford speaks openly about sleep paralysis, the raw footage is from the documentary Your Worst Nightmare – Supernatural Assault.

One in five will experience the terrifying phenomenon of sleep paralysis. Victims wake to find that they are paralyzed and unable to move or speak. Many experience frightening visions of demons, shadows, or an old woman known as “The Hag.” For others there is simply the unmistakable presence of evil. In extreme cases, these potentially supernatural attacks can occur for decades. Overwhelmed, exhausted, and entirely alone, victims can lead shattered lives dominated by the fear of social stigma. Those who seek medical advice are often misdiagnosed and labeled psychotic or schizophrenic.
In “Your Worst Nightmare ~ Supernatural Assault” Soul Smack explores the surprisingly common and greatly misunderstood phenomenon of sleep paralysis. In this ground breaking documentary, Soul Smack interviews actual victims, consults with experts, and offers advice on how to live with what might be your worst nightmare.