whø? – rollin rhapsody

Senking – Closing Eyes (Raster-Noton – r-n 142)
V.I.V.E.K. – Mantra (System Music – SYSTM003)
Sub Basics – Orbit (Visceral Vibrations – VV002)
Prince of Denmark – Are You Ready Ralph (Giegling – glg st 03)
Clatterbox – Vertical Slice (Solar One Music – SOM036)
Darko Esser – Juilce (a.r.t.less – A.R.T.LESS 2186)
DJ Stingray – Acetylcholine (Lower Parts – LP07)
Voidloss – Each little hurt in a little pile (Subsist – sub-d40)
Lakker – Pylon (R & S Records – RS 1503LP)
Surgeon – Bad Hands (Roly Vex’d Remix) (Dynamic Tension Records – DTR009)
Lakker – Halite (R & S Records – RS 1503LP)
Lakker – Oktavist (R & S Records – RS 1503LP)
Voidloss – As they Crash Against the Rocks (Subsist – sub-d40)
Autechre – Clipper (Warp Records – warplp38)
AFX – A F X 2 – (Mighty Force – MIGHTY 001)
Roly Porter – Cloud (Subtext – SUB009)
Stable Mates – Good Soul (The Final Experiment – TFExx2)
Joefarr – Tape7 (Tessela Remix) (DSNT Records – DSNT 003)
Killawatt – Excessive Hyperbole (Osiris Music UK – OSMUK041LP)
Voidloss – Between the Cracks of Thunder (Subsist – sub-d40)
CW/A – Day of Riddance (Dario Zenker Remix) (Parachute Records – PAR 003)
AFX – 942937 (Rephlex – CAT 008)
Polygon Window – Quoth (Warp Records – WAP 33)
Jared Wilson – Ghostminers 6 (7777 – 7777-009)
Visonia – The Moon Doesn’t Want To Look At You (Electronic Emergencies – EE003)
Gesloten Cirkel – Zombie Machine (Murder Capital – M-X)
Paula Temple – Cloned (R & S Records – RS1307D)
214 – Lyle At Dawn (Frustrated Funk – FR 031)
In Sync – Storm (E.R.P. Reinvention) (Last Known Trajectory – TRAJECTORY 1010)

The Endless Asana Ensemble – Music For Yoga



Artist: The Endless Asana Ensemble
Title: Music For Yoga (Exercise One)

Recorded on June 27th 2015 while Yoga session in Berlin, Wedding. Vinyl only.

“The Endless Asana Ensemble” are Jean-François Boudoir & Paradise Pete

Tony Scott ‎– Music For Yoga Meditation And Other Joys
Four Tet – And They All Look Broken Hearted
Niels Fram – Keep
Porn Sword Tabacco – Cubical Fever
Kreidler – La Casa I
Com Truise – Alfa Beach
Conrad Schnitzler – Tanze im Regen
Tony Scott ‎– Music For Yoga Meditation And Other Joys
Jozef Van Wissem, Sqürl – Sola Gratia (Part 1)
Voice Of The Seven Woods – Return From Byzantium
Ariel Pink – Round and Round
Ducktails – Killing The Vibe
Panda Bear – I’m Not
Eric Burdon & War – Nights in White Satin Part 1
CAN – Swing Swang Song
Pink Floyd – Remember A Day
Peter Bursch Und Die Bröselmaschine – House Carpenter
Bilderbuch – OM
Gonzales – Never Stop
Eden Abez – La Mar

Musique très sérieux pour se prendre la tête


Artist: Jean-Francois Boudoir
Title: Musique très sérieux pour se prendre la tête

Lee Hazlewood – For One Moment
Les Baxter – Lunar Rhapsody
The Natural Yogurt Band – Voodoo
The Advisory Circle – And The Cockoo Comes
Wishmountain – Electric Guitar
Sack & Blumm – Bedroom Five
Cal Tjader – Que Tristeza
Andy Stott – Missing (feat. Loki Schmidt)
Blockhead – Roll Out The Red Carpet (intro)
Kryztof Komeda – The Coven
Eden Ahbez – Anna Was Mine
Can – She Brings The Rain
Bruno Nicolai – Circle
Okapi – Chetomomil(la) (feat. Saul Goodman)
Astrud Gilberto – Far Away (feat. Chet Baker)
Lackluster – Down (feat. Astrud Gilberto)
Annabel (lee) – Believe
Datashock – Her mit dem Kelch, (das) hier muss es sein
Amanar – Alghafiat
Naro Morales & Son Orchestre – Mambo Jumbo
Mitch & Mitch – A Little Scratch
Angelo Badalamenti – In Dreams (Performed by Roy Orbison)

whø? – no dawn

Hodge – I Don’t Recognise You Lately
Hodge – Recall
Kastil – Binary Star (Eomac Remix)
Joaan – 115 State
Hodge – X
Alex Coulton – Wiretap
Hodge and Facta – Spheres of Costa Rica
DJ Overdose – Master Control
Tessela – Let Up
XI – Joy / Pain / Fear / Hate
Kahn & Neek – Dick Tracy
DjRum – Ode
Clap Clap – Black Smokes Bad Signs (Original Mix)
Kowton – Glock & Roll
Silent Servant- Violencia (Kalon Mix)
Aphex Twin – On
Remerge – Arch Trak

whø? – dark territory


It must be the season. Darkness all around and Whø? explores dark territories.

Whø? auf Soundcloud.
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Whø? auf Pampig.

Ivic – Untitled
Alex Coulton – Bounce (Pev Version)
Hodge & Facta – Visions
Asusu – Too Much Time Has Passed
The Exaltics – Infinite Dimensions
VC-118A – + –
Transllusion – Unordinary Realities
In Sync – Storm (Maarten van der Vleuten Remix)
VC-118A – Vlucht Naar Nachtschade (Delta Funktionen Remix)
Paka – Solitude
Surgeon – Fixed Action Pattern (Dub)
Kamikaze Space Programme – Radio
Hodge – Flashback
Pev & Kowton – End Point (Stenny & Andrea Remix)

whø? – gone away


…but some things never change. News from Whø?.

Whø? auf Soundcloud.
Whø? auf Mixcloud.
Whø? auf Pampig.

Ø – Otava
Klaus – BT Gulf
Killing Sound – Six Harmonies
Raime – Soil And Colts
Berliner Ring – Bardo
Monoton – Ein Wort
Alec Empire – 37.2 Pt.1
Transilvanian Galaxi – You Have Always Been The Caretaker
Samuel Kerridge – In And Out
The Caretaker – All You Are Going To Want To Do Is Get Back There

whø? – wonderful life


The sudden end of summer-break: Your soundtrack for September comes from Whø?. Enjoy!

Whø? auf Soundcloud.
Whø? auf Mixcloud.
Whø? auf Pampig.

Hatti Vatti – Wonderful World featuring Cian Finn
Author – After Time featuring Quark
Caracal – Elements
Onoe Caponoe – Milkyway 1311 (Djrum Remix)
Forgold Sleep – Cycle
Rhyming In Fives – Hindsight
Synkro – Look At Yourself (Djrum Remix)
Anex – Shine
Versa & Rowl – Jupiter
Djrum – Arcana (Do I Need You)
Djrum – The Miracle Pt. 1
Prince Of Denmark – Prypjat
Deadbeat – My Rotten Roots
Jay Weed – Prism

whø? – bouncing balls


Swuush… Nobody had seen this one coming!
Some news from Whø?. Enjoy!

Whø? auf Soundcloud.
Whø? auf Mixcloud.
Whø? auf Pampig.

Donato Dozzy + Nuel – Aqua 5
Wen – Persian
Djrum – Dam (Akkord Remix)
Pev – Livity (Ghost-202 Remix)
Hodge – Prototype Fear
Asusu – Velez (A Made Up Sound Remix 1)
Hodge – Amor Fati
Pev & Kowton – Raw Code (Surgeon Remix)
Paleman – The Day
Special Request – Cold Blooded
Akkord – Folded Edge
Thelem- Petrichor
Cluekid – Cyber Funk
Kryptic Minds & Sleeper – Solarized Formation
Djrum – Tailing

whø? – perspectives


Right in time before everybody gets lost in hopefully endless holidays, we have the new podcast by Whø?. Enjoy!

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Whø? auf Mixcloud.
Whø? auf Pampig.

Biome – Night Scape (Deep Mix)
Deadbeat – Punta De Choros
Milton Bradley – Last Flight To Cologne
//no – Untitled
Alex Smoke – Dust
Pev & Kowton – End Point
Beneath – Worried
Objekt – Agnes Demise
Ugandan Methods – Imperium
Killawatt – Black Air
Shackleton – Naked
Memotone – Vilnius
Alex Coulton – Break Pressure
Kito – What If

Now more sugar for the Bambi


Music Arts:
Martin Rettschlag (PAMPIG)
Maik Gyver (STATTBAR / Freudentaumel)

Martin and me will spin some records at the ‘Now more sugar for the Bambi‘ event, which will take place coming thursday from 20h at Stattbad Wedding in the backyard. I assume you come by and have some funny times with us.

whø? – sun


If I had to choose a religion, the sun would be my god. Enjoy the summer.

Cover made with our new shiny app: D3LTA

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Whø? auf Mixcloud.
Whø? auf Pampig.

Pedestrian – Kalakuta
Pearson Sound – Footloose
Jeremih – F U All The Time (Kowton Refix)
Pangaea – Middleman
Elmono – Shadows On The Moon
Romare – Taste Of Honey (From The City)
Pearson Sound – Gridlock
Etch – Rise
Strago – 4117
Killawatt – Killa Dinna
Pangaea – Viaduct
Aardvarck – Nubian
Pev & Kowton – Raw Code
Akkord – Destruction
Killawatt – Two Curious Gypsies
Jolka – Five

whø? – smack


Finally a new mix by whø? out on PAMPIGITAL. Make sure to visit us thursday next week at our garden party. You can expect him, the rest an me spinning some records while beeing real wasted.

Beneath – Illusion
Wen – Spark It
Zhou – Locust Tree
Akkord – Compound
J. Robinson – The Maasai
Akkord – Navigate
Kryptic Minds & Killawatt – Reaching Through
Asusu – Velez
Kowton – TFB
The Exaltics – Second Phases (Kamikaze Space Programme Remix)
Vex’d – Pop Pop V.I.P.
Ancient Methods – When All Is Said And Done
Karenn – Lifesbleach

Whø? auf Soundcloud.
Whø? auf Mixcloud.
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PAMPIG Sommergarten


Lange wurde er geplant und viel haben wir darüber geredet und nun steht er plötzlich tatsächlich vor der Tür, ohne dass wir ihn hätten kommen sehen oder geschweige denn uns darauf vorbereitet hätten.Die Abyssals haben PAMPIG ins //:aboutblank und dort in den gemunkelt schönsten Clubgarten der Stadt geladen um diesen mit unserer Anwesenheit zu bespaßen. Vermutlich werden wir dort sogar Musik spielen, wer weiß, sogar Visuelles bieten. Mehr können wir noch nicht verraten werden, denn was ist schöner als von sich selbst überrascht zu werden?


Start: 11:59 pm, Cost: 5 €
All info -> Facebook Event

whø? – xxx


37 months ago PAMPIGITAL started by accident and now climaxes, thanks to whø? – best horse in stable – with his 30th pornographic release!


3rdeye – voodoo girl feat Ozz & Akshay Kalawar
Pinch – gangstaz
Youngsta – Poseidon
V.I.V.E.K – Strategy
Martyn – Broken
Marcus Intalex – TB or not TB?
3rdeye – The Last Time I Saw You feat Akshay Kalawar
DjRum – Mountains Pt. 1
Biome – Spawned
Andy Stott – Hostile
Djrum – Watermark
Tessela – Helter Skelter
Gremino – rupi VIP
Tessela – Hackney Parrot
Airhead – Pyramid Lake
The Exaltics – Second Phases
Beneath – Wonz

Whø? auf Soundcloud.
Whø? auf Mixcloud.
Whø? auf Pampig.