Atomkraft, ja bitte

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Innenansichten – Deutschland 1937

And now to something completely different.

Bryans Aufnahmen, unentwickelt und unzensiert in die USA geschickt und später teilweise für den Film „Inside Nazi Germany“ der US-amerikanischen Wochenschau verwendet, zeigen eine ganz eigene Form von Alltag, einen Alltag, über dem eine drückende Last zu liegen scheint. Hier gibt es keine „Huhu“-Menschen, die neugierig in die – bei der damaligen Technik unübersehbare – Kamera winken. Die meisten Gesichter wenden sich ab oder gucken unbeteiligt vorbei. Nicht auffallen, das wird auch ohne den Kommentar klar, war die Devise.

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Idiot Box


TV is just one of the many ever present black mirrors through which we mediate our lives today. Idiot Box hopes to explore the darker side of our love for technology.

The series (shot while children watched TV) was an exploration into the co-dependent yet contradictory relationship we all share with technology and the media. Should we exhibit more caution about the role of technology in our children’s lives? Is our techno-paranoia warranted? No matter what gadgetry we may possess, do our problems remain human?

Photoseries by Donna Lee Stevens.


Poppy – Trails of Afghan Heroin by Robert Knoth and Antoinette de Jong.

Roberth Knoth and Antoinette de Jong spent two decades documenting the historic Silk Road that once linked East Asia and the West, covering the rise of the Taliban, the American intervention after September 11, 2001, and the recent surge in opium production. Beginning in Afghanistan and ending in London, the photographs reveal yet another dark side of globalization.

National Geographic Inside Cocaine Submarines

„Colombian drug traffickers are using a new secret weapon to smuggle cocaine north – drug submarines. Up to 30 metres long and nearly impossible to detect, they are capable of distributing several tons of coke in just one shipment. Dozens of subs are thought to be in operation between the coasts of Colombia and Mexico, and law enforcement estimates that another 70 will be built in the next year alone. NGC follows U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency agents and the Colombian military looking for drug subs under construction in some of the most remote jungles on the planet.

Here, where malaria-infested mosquitoes swarm overhead and narco-terrorists strong-arm the local population, there are at least 300 known cocaine finishing labs and untold numbers of drug subs and their factories. In the hard-fought war against drug trafficking, go inside a prized capture: a surprisingly sophisticated sub built by hand in the jungle.“

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Ecstasy Bandits

Alexander ‘Sasha’ Shulgin is the scientist behind more than 200 psychedelic compounds including MDMA, more commonly known as Esctasy. Considered to be one of the the greatest chemists of the twentieth century, Sasha’s vast array of discoveries have had a profound impact in the field of psychedelic research. ‘Dirty Pictures’ delves into the lifework of Dr. Shulgin and scientists alike, explores the world of these scientists; their findings and motivations, their ideas, and their beliefs as to how research in this particular field can aid in unlocking the complexities of the mind.