Ciao Bella!


New Candie Hank album exploring tropical Acid RnB Psychedelia. An amorphous fusion of electric flashes, the funk of frogs and tropical birds whistling to the swampy, torrential flow of Candie Hanks Rhythms to wash off teardrops in a wild salty surf.
Illuminating the sound of machines, rather than giving in to the sample eating mania of the old days or ongoing wobbly trends, Candie Hank steps back into the spotlight with his very own mixture of twisted analog acid funk explosions and psychedelic surf influenced hiphop flows.

Enter the Void


For those few poor people that might not have seen Gaspar Noés epic masterpiece Enter the Void yet, it’s in full length up on Youtube right now.

A drug dealer becomes interested in death and re-incarnation after reading “The Tibetan Book of the Dead”. Suddenly dead, his soul floats through Tokyo observing the dramas of his friends and foes. An oath determines his next step ‘as a soul’.

Bending Brass

“The Cyclist is Andrew Morrison, an 18 year old native of Derry, in Northern Ireland, where he uses a £20 keyboard – whose constant errors generate random noises and extra tones – to make techno filtered through a sort of dark futurism. Named for Natalia Goncharova’s painting The Cyclist, Morrison’s music seems to emerge from the same singularity as the Russian futurists, with a constant flow and shuffling rhythm that creates its own realism in the distinctiveness and potential failings of frail technology.”

Missed out on this tape by The Cyclist. But its here for free download and there will be a new full-length out on Leaving Records in early 2013. Shall be prepared.


DynoMan is Haamid Rahim, a producer from Karachi, Pakistan. Layed-back electronic Fusion of eastern and western music. You can get the full-length album on Bandcamp.

whø? – knicker liquor (xxv)

Die Trackanalysierungssoftware von Soundcloud könnte grade noch mal eben so überlistet werden und somit steht der Podcast No.30 nun zur Konsumierung bereit.

Whø? auf Soundcloud.
Whø? auf Mixcloud.
Whø? auf Pampig.

Akkord – Back & Forth
Martyn – Bauplan (L-Vis 1900 & Bok Bok Remix)
Gatekeeper – Atmosphere Processor
Akkord – Renewal
Objekt- Porcupine
Clatterbox – Hibernation
Addison Groove – Starluck
Boddika – Acid Jackson
Legowelt – Get In
Radioactie Man – 20,000 Whats?
Lone – Vulcan Mill Acid
Tessela – Rush
Tessela – Let Up
Frustrated Figures – Elastic
The Exaltics – The Hunch (The Exaltics’ Annihilate The Planet)

An Empty Bliss Beyond This World

Ich küre hiermit mal mein Album des Jahres:

‘An Empty Bliss Beyong This World’ von ‘The Caretaker’

James Kirby rearangiert hier alte 78’Schellackplatten zu etwas, dass ich als Musik für gesunkene Kreuzfahrtschiffe und verlassene Stadtbäder beschreiben würde. Definitiv absolut nicht für die Tanzfläche geeignet, sondern vielmehr für die Stunden nach eben diesem, zuhause angekommen am Morgen danach bei zugezogenen Vorhängen den Tag verlierend.

RAJA – Witch

Instrumental Hip Hop vom Feinsten.

Witch is Part II of The October Series, a trilogy of themed mixtapes from prolific 19-year-old New York producer RAJA (formerly known as InfinitiRock).

Billed as a collection of trap beats, Witch is driven by a series of preposterously epic slow bangers like ‘Blank CD,’ ‘Vapor Trails,’ ‘Rituals,’ ‘Make Me’ and ‘Go Back to Sleep.’ But thunderous noddable crunk is not the sole objective of this tape as tracks like ‘Punk (Buster)’ and ‘Ghost Child’ blossom into double time shuffles, expanding the mix.

Sonically, Witch departs from the sampled acoustic instrumentation of Red, opting instead for heavy duty electronics. Distorted sub kicks and churning drum machines, swooning bass synths and processed female vocal exhortations are all juxtaposed with the characteristic fuzz, hiss and crackle of a beatmaker with a penchant for sounding tactility. 30 tracks in total.

Free Download.
Astro Nautico Website.

Music For Saharan Cellphones: The International ReWorks


Boomarm Nation & Sahel Sounds Present:

Music For Saharan Cellphones: The International ReWorks

In 2010 returning from extensive travel in Mali and Mauritania, Chris Kirkley (Sahel Sounds) presented “Music from Saharan Cellphones”. The music on the compilation was collected from cellphones in the Northern Malian town of Kidal. In much of West Africa, cellphones are are used as all-purpose multimedia devices. In lieu of personal computers and high speed internet, cellphones house portable music collections, playback songs on tiny built-in speakers, and swap files through peer-to-peer Bluetooth wireless transfer. The songs collected in Kidal range from DIY Tuareg guitar, auto-tuned Moroccan chaabi, Malian coupé décalé, and fruityloop hip hop. Originally released as a limited run cassette tape by Mississippi Records in Portland OR, the cassette was uploaded to blogs and online media hubs, and quickly became a viral source of new and inspiring sounds.

Boomarm Nation and Sahel Sounds present “Music For Saharan Cellphones”. Drawing on gifted producers and musicians from a variety of stylistic backgrounds and nationalities, each artist selected and re-interpreted a musical moment from the source material. From bass laden sound/clash ventures, abstract re-creations, and even an amazing autotune cover, the end result holds a rich assortment of well informed musical statements. Reflecting the energy and fidelity of its origins, these versions take on their own rare and exciting form. Using the mp3 as the medium, the Music and the Musicians become the diplomacy.

This compilation is be available in 3 formats:

1- FREE digital download (w/option to donate) via bandcamp.

2- A limited Edition cassette tape. (released by Mississippi Records.)

3- MicroSD card. (limited to 30- hand numbered cards, which we will be shipping to Kidal, Mali where they will be redistributed and uploaded into the vast web of digital musics.)

In addition, a limited edition 7” single of Mdou Moctar’s autotune masterpiece “Tahoultine” b/w Gulls remix, will be co-released by Boomarm Nation and Sahel Sounds in November 2011, followed by a 12″ LP of “Music from Saharan Cellphones” by Sahel Sounds.