Organum Vivum

Organum Vivum is an interspecies interface advantaging the characteristics of organic material as well as exploring the possibilities of combining natural and build organisms in sound synthesis. Bacterial cellulose items, working as sensors, are translating our direct interaction with them into a soundscape controllable with touch and breath. In order to communicate in human level through the instrument we’ll have to be aware of the behaviour of a natural material and it’s, sometimes unpredictable, responses to our actions. The result is a sonification of direct interspecies interaction between a human and a micro-organism.

By Paul Seidler.

Neuronal Synchrony

Neuronal Synchrony or N • S is a local web application to dynamically generate animations in real-time. This video is a live recording of myself running and playing the software to music, Panoramic by Lusine. As a result it is a single shot of my computer’s desktop. Neuronal Synchrony interfaces through the midi controller Monome 128, a device typically used for creating, sequencing, and modifying music in real time. Because of this Neuronal Synchrony works well alongside a DJ, musician, or band to accompany audio like the video here. When you hit a button an animation begins; when you hit three buttons, a chord of animations.



Projection mapped video game on canvas by Brent Watanabe. The piece is a triptych of playable acrylic paintings, controlled by the viewer using a NES controller. In for(){};, there is no beginning or end to the game, just collecting and wandering, birthing and consuming, an arbitrary point system rising until your inevitable death and the birth of another generation. It is a game mechanism without the game.