Alice in Broadcastland

In 1862 a boat trip up the Isis gave birth to a story about Alice’s adventures in Wonderland. Three years later it was published as a book by Lewis Carroll.

In 1966 British director Jonathan Miller turned Lewis Carroll’s book into a trippy theatrical black&white movie. 40 years later it was often mentioned as one of the top favorites by the band Broadcast.

On January 14th, 2011 Trish Keenan, the lead singer of Broadcast, died of pneumonia at the age of 42. She has left behind a handful of albums of unique music, unforgettable voice and expanding influence in modern music and culture.

On January 25th, 2012 Markey Funk recreated live the soundtrack of Jonathan Miller’s movie, based entirely on music by Broadcast.

The most significant dream story has finally met the most significant dream music. This is the result.

Enter the Void


For those few poor people that might not have seen Gaspar Noés epic masterpiece Enter the Void yet, it’s in full length up on Youtube right now.

A drug dealer becomes interested in death and re-incarnation after reading “The Tibetan Book of the Dead”. Suddenly dead, his soul floats through Tokyo observing the dramas of his friends and foes. An oath determines his next step ‘as a soul’.


Alucarda is a 1978 Mexican horror film directed by Mexican horror filmmaker Juan López Moctezuma, starring Tina Romero in the title role. Often thought to be based on the 1872 novella Carmilla, it revolves around two teenage orphan girls living in a Catholic convent, who unleash a demonic force and become possessed by Satan.


A young artist has been invited to a group exhibition in Shanghai, but for ecological reasons he doesn’t want to fly there. He gets to travel on the semi-automatic container ship MS Confidence, in exchange for cleaning work, but he’s the only human on board. The ship is steered from a centre in Ireland. For the artist, the containers are initially symbols of iniquitous world trade. But he soon abandons his critical attitude and in his loneliness befriends them. The story of an unusual journey that leads to a mental crisis.

Shortmovie by Christoph Schwarz.

Sing the end now

Last night I had this weird dream. You were in it. We were on board a ship, a large ship. And there were four huge octopuses on the sides that pulled the ship toward a big dark cloud. The ship lurched back and forth so we had to hold on to the rail not to fall off. And in the middle of the deck there was this elephant standing on two legs. Then I woke up and now I can’t remember what he said to me.

Backett's Film

Film ist ein US-amerikanischer Kurzfilm aus dem Jahr 1965 nach einem Drehbuch des irischen Dramatikers Samuel Beckett. Es ist ein Schwarzweißfilm ohne Dialoge und Begleitmusik. Seine einfache Handlung basiert darauf, dass die Kamera als beobachtender Akteur mit in den Film einbezogen ist.

Den Protagonisten, gespielt vom gealterten Stummfilmstar Buster Keaton, bezeichnet Beckett mit O für object, die den Protagonisten verfolgende Kamera bezeichnet er mit E für eye. Der Film spielt mit den beiden Perspektiven und handelt letzten Endes von der Unausweichlichkeit der Selbstwahrnehmung und davon, dass man dem eigenen Dasein nicht entfliehen kann.

The Acrobatic Fly

Von Percy Smith aus dem Jahr 1910.

Propped upon the tail-end of a match, a housefly performs astonishing feats, alternately juggling a series of objects – a blade of grass, a cork, a miniature dumbbell… Most extraordinary of all is the sequence in which the fly spins a ball twice its own size, while a second fly perches on top. In the final sequence, the fly repeats some of its earlier tricks while apparently seated on a tiny chair.