The starting point in making AS Long As Possible was to make a one extremely long animated GIF loop. ASLAP is made of black frames with a white number indicating the frames position in the loop. There are 48 140 288 frames which change in c.a. 10 minute intervals making the total duration of the loop 1000 years.

An art project by Juha van Ingen in collaboration with Janne Särkelä.

Dain Fagerholm

GIFs by Dain Fagerholm.

Idiot Box


TV is just one of the many ever present black mirrors through which we mediate our lives today. Idiot Box hopes to explore the darker side of our love for technology.

The series (shot while children watched TV) was an exploration into the co-dependent yet contradictory relationship we all share with technology and the media. Should we exhibit more caution about the role of technology in our children’s lives? Is our techno-paranoia warranted? No matter what gadgetry we may possess, do our problems remain human?

Photoseries by Donna Lee Stevens.

Procedure room


This project is about police torture, a widespread practice in contemporary Ukraine. One could also say that this project is about the body, as something personal (unalienated), something private (an object of exchange), and as something that exists for the public good (entrusted to uniformed professionals). The project consists of a set of souvenir plates printed with drawings of police tortures and the text of the email dialogue between Yekaterina Mishchenko and Nikita Kadan. The project includes posters with the same drawings and correspondence fragments, which were put up in public space. The choice of forms and visual means is connected with the absence of any clear visual documentation of torture procedures, with their specific ‘invisibility’. The didactic character of these drawings addresses the collective responsibility of all those who know and remain silent, bearing the guilt for what goes on ‘in the shadows’. These instructions have been executed in the style of the “Popular Medical Dictionary” of the Soviet era, where one could often find illustrations of patient-characters with serene facial expressions, even though they are undergoing extremely painful procedures. ‘The doctor knows what he is doing. It’s all for our own good’.

By Nikita Kadan.

They said chaos i say form


We are happy to announce that our D3LTA exhibition will finally open its doors on Friday, October 11th at LEHRTER SIEBZEHN OPEN | PROJECT | SPACE in Berlin. We are very excited, come by, have some drinks with us – hope to see you there. And if you’re not in town, join the project by submitting a creation directly into the showroom.

They said chaos I say form
EXHIBITION running from October 11 – October 26 ‘13

„They said chaos I say form“ is a selection of digital artworks created with the mobile application „D3LTA // Geometric Surface Photography“. The opening will be accompanied by an interactive installation, giving users worldwide the possibility to take part in the exhibition by submitting their creations directly into the L17-showroom in real time. Oh, and there some good music, too.

D3LTA is a project by RAINBOW UNICORN, that enables the user to transform pictures by applying one of ten geometric-kaleidoscopic filters. The results stand out by their simple and clear but unique shape. Regardless if self-portrait or landscape: Objects viewed through this mirror of digital existence gain a whole new meaning.

Now more sugar for the Bambi


Music Arts:
Martin Rettschlag (PAMPIG)
Maik Gyver (STATTBAR / Freudentaumel)

Martin and me will spin some records at the ‘Now more sugar for the Bambi‘ event, which will take place coming thursday from 20h at Stattbad Wedding in the backyard. I assume you come by and have some funny times with us.