Am Kölnberg

The tower block area “Am Kölnberg” has a bad reputation. People who – for any number of reasons – ended up on the edge of society, live here alongside refugee families and immigrants from all over the world. Unemployment, drug abuse and prostiution are part of everyday life for many of them. The film accompanies 4 people over a period of two years and portrays their life at “Kölnberg” with ups and downs.
One thing they all have in common: The dream of leading a fulfilled life, far away from “Am Kölnberg”.


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Fúsi is a mammoth of a man who at 43 years of age is still living at home with his mother. Shy and awkward, he hasn’t quite learned how to socialize with others, leaving him an untouchable virgin. That is until his family pushes him to join a dance class. There he meets the equally innocent but playful Sjöfn.