whø? – rollin rhapsody

Senking – Closing Eyes (Raster-Noton – r-n 142)
V.I.V.E.K. – Mantra (System Music – SYSTM003)
Sub Basics – Orbit (Visceral Vibrations – VV002)
Prince of Denmark – Are You Ready Ralph (Giegling – glg st 03)
Clatterbox – Vertical Slice (Solar One Music – SOM036)
Darko Esser – Juilce (a.r.t.less – A.R.T.LESS 2186)
DJ Stingray – Acetylcholine (Lower Parts – LP07)
Voidloss – Each little hurt in a little pile (Subsist – sub-d40)
Lakker – Pylon (R & S Records – RS 1503LP)
Surgeon – Bad Hands (Roly Vex’d Remix) (Dynamic Tension Records – DTR009)
Lakker – Halite (R & S Records – RS 1503LP)
Lakker – Oktavist (R & S Records – RS 1503LP)
Voidloss – As they Crash Against the Rocks (Subsist – sub-d40)
Autechre – Clipper (Warp Records – warplp38)
AFX – A F X 2 – (Mighty Force – MIGHTY 001)
Roly Porter – Cloud (Subtext – SUB009)
Stable Mates – Good Soul (The Final Experiment – TFExx2)
Joefarr – Tape7 (Tessela Remix) (DSNT Records – DSNT 003)
Killawatt – Excessive Hyperbole (Osiris Music UK – OSMUK041LP)
Voidloss – Between the Cracks of Thunder (Subsist – sub-d40)
CW/A – Day of Riddance (Dario Zenker Remix) (Parachute Records – PAR 003)
AFX – 942937 (Rephlex – CAT 008)
Polygon Window – Quoth (Warp Records – WAP 33)
Jared Wilson – Ghostminers 6 (7777 – 7777-009)
Visonia – The Moon Doesn’t Want To Look At You (Electronic Emergencies – EE003)
Gesloten Cirkel – Zombie Machine (Murder Capital – M-X)
Paula Temple – Cloned (R & S Records – RS1307D)
214 – Lyle At Dawn (Frustrated Funk – FR 031)
In Sync – Storm (E.R.P. Reinvention) (Last Known Trajectory – TRAJECTORY 1010)



In LOVE, Murphy wakes up next to his young wife and 2-year-old child. He listens to his voicemail: Electra’s mother, sick with worry, wants to know whether he has heard from her daughter. Electra’s been missing for a long time. She’s afraid something really bad has happened to her. Over the course of a long rainy day, Murphy finds himself alone in his apartment, reminiscing about the greatest love affair of his life, his two years with Electra. A burning passion full of promises, games, excesses and mistakes… By Gaspar Noé.

The Endless Asana Ensemble – Music For Yoga



Artist: The Endless Asana Ensemble
Title: Music For Yoga (Exercise One)

Recorded on June 27th 2015 while Yoga session in Berlin, Wedding. Vinyl only.

“The Endless Asana Ensemble” are Jean-François Boudoir & Paradise Pete

Tony Scott ‎– Music For Yoga Meditation And Other Joys
Four Tet – And They All Look Broken Hearted
Niels Fram – Keep
Porn Sword Tabacco – Cubical Fever
Kreidler – La Casa I
Com Truise – Alfa Beach
Conrad Schnitzler – Tanze im Regen
Tony Scott ‎– Music For Yoga Meditation And Other Joys
Jozef Van Wissem, Sqürl – Sola Gratia (Part 1)
Voice Of The Seven Woods – Return From Byzantium
Ariel Pink – Round and Round
Ducktails – Killing The Vibe
Panda Bear – I’m Not
Eric Burdon & War – Nights in White Satin Part 1
CAN – Swing Swang Song
Pink Floyd – Remember A Day
Peter Bursch Und Die Bröselmaschine – House Carpenter
Bilderbuch – OM
Gonzales – Never Stop
Eden Abez – La Mar

Piotr Kurek – Edena


Edena is an album of Piotr Kurek, well-known as Piętnastka and as a part of Suaves Figures duo. This album consists of fantastic and mysterious songs filled with beautiful, fairy melodies and bizarre vocals.